Wire Theory

Wire Theory

There is a circular rod with a wire wound symmetrically around it. The wire goes exactly 4 times around the rod.

If the rod is 12 cm long and has a circumference of 4 cm, the length of the wire would be ____ cm.

Asked on June 13, 2017 in Puzzles.
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This isn’t really that troublesome. It includes close to secondary school geometry. So in case you’re battling you likely haven’t made sense of the correct approach:
a 12cm pipe with a string wrapped around it. Evidently a tremendous number of individuals fail to understand the situation. It took me a while as well. Individuals consider polar directions, a wide range of things. It’s basically a bit much. We will cut the tube, or envision cutting the tube, at the point where the rope initially shows up and lay it level. When you see what this appears as though I’m certain the arrangement will wind up noticeably paltry. a) 12cm pipe cut level
From here it’s a tad of Pythagoras Theorem. Prominently this is a 3,4,5 Triangle (32 + 42 = 52.) So the hypotenuse is 5cm. We’re occupied with the aggregate length of the diagonals, of which there are 4. So the rope is 20cm long. Refer website to good answers.

Answered on December 22, 2017.
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